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What Do You Provide? (Assignment from...

What Do You Provide? (Assignment from Seth Godin’s Freelance Course)

These questions are taken from the end of Module 1 of Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course on Udemy. You can get the course for $27 til April 30 by using the code MOVEUP — in May it goes up to its normal price of $57. What do people buy when they buy something from you? Leave […]

My Accident: What I’ve Learned ...

My Accident: What I’ve Learned 7 Weeks Out

7 weeks after my accident, I have learned that I love horses, but am not really ready to go out and do anything with them yet. I know that the longer I stay away, the more fear will build up inside, but I’m just not ready yet. I’m still afraid, even though I don’t want […]

Assignment: Who Are You? (from Seth G...

Assignment: Who Are You? (from Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course on Udemy)

What do you want to do? (Not your job, but your work, now, tomorrow, and in the future)* *If you’re having trouble answering this, you’re going to have trouble moving up, because you’ve abdicated your dream to whomever walks in the door next I want to be a storyteller of stories that matter. Stories that help […]

Writing Damn Fine Words

Writing Damn Fine Words

This was written 3 years ago for the Damn Fine Words writing contest held by James Chartrand of Men With Pens. When I was young, there was hardly ever a time that I didn’t have a book (or two) in my hand. “Don’t read at the table.” “Leave your book in the car!” “We paid […]

REPRINT: Five Stages of Parental Guil...

REPRINT: Five Stages of Parental Guilt

This was written for another blog four years ago when Natasha was five years old. When you’re pregnant (or your significant other is), you spend a lot of your time thinking about the baby. You think about what he/she is going to look like. Will he/she look more like her father or her mother? You […]

Book Review: and she was by Alison Ga...

Book Review: and she was by Alison Gaylin

The premise behind and she was by Alison Gaylin was what caught my eye first: “Missing persons investigator Brenna Spector has a rare neurological disorder that enables her to recall every detail of every day of her life.” But not only can she remember every detail, she is plagued by that remembering at various inopportune […]

The Super Secret Solution to Beat Wri...

The Super Secret Solution to Beat Writers’ Block

I know what you’re saying. You’ve seen this before. You’ve seen headlines that promise you the answer to all your problems. They promise you the one solution to your problem — the uber-secret solution that really, really works in every single case for every person who’s tried it. I fall for all of those. I’m […]

MUSIC: Jim Curnutte in Huntington, WV...

MUSIC: Jim Curnutte in Huntington, WV (Including a Shout-Out to Eve and Under Surveillance)

Ok, I can’t help myself on this one. A friend of mine posted a post on my Facebook page from an old friend I hadn’t seen or spoken to in years, Jim Curnutte. I’ve been listening to his music on SoundCloud too and have decided I want everything he’s done. It’s fun, it’s got […]

Review: What Our Eyes Have Witnessed ...

Review: What Our Eyes Have Witnessed (The Zombie Bible #1) by Stant Litore

I’m not sure I’ve ever read a book like this one before. I’ve read zombie stories (who hasn’t?) and I’ve read Christian horror novels (Frank Peretti and the like), but I’ve never read both together at the same time. Ok, I must also admit – I’m really not a huge fan of zombies. For me, […]

My Accident: Fear is the Mind-Killer

My Accident: Fear is the Mind-Killer

The Bene-Gesserit Litany Against Fear (from DUNE by Frank Herbert) I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to […]

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Years ago, when I was a student in Cambridge, my eye was caught by the title of a doctoral thesis which read 'Some aspects of the vaginal system of the flea.' It was not, one would guess, the most suitable work for those with poor eyesight; but it revealed an appealing modesty that I have apparently failed to learn from.
-Terry Eagleton, The Meaning of Life: A Very Short Introduction

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